At the moment Gruffman/Nilsson´s design is represented at the Japanese clothing company UNIQLO that recently launched a collection with their pattern on t-shirts and dresses spring 2019.
-It is amazing for us to have a pattern in a UNIQLO line, it wouldn’t have been possible without Scandinavian pattern collection. We have been dreaming about selling our patterns in Japan, so this is a dream come true, says Kajsa.
-It is a very special feeling to see a pattern that we have designed on actual products. It is the first time we are working with a clothing company and it will be so exciting to see the garments with our pattern in UNIQLO’s stores! says Jenny.

Västerbotten – our pattern landscape

Västerbotten is a province in the north of Sweden, south of the Arctic circle. The landscape is fascinating with a variety of coast, rivers, forest, mountains, fields and cities. Our inspiration for our design comes from the changing landscape and the contrasting seasons in Västerbotten.



In the winter when the snow falls and everything feels more quiet, we enjoy a walk outside and the sensation that everything around us is so white and wonderful. Even though the nights can be really cold and dark it also means that there is a chance to see the northern lights which is a great experience. This time of year it is also nice to stay inside and design patterns, having a cup of tea and looking outside on the cold weather.



When the ice breaks on Ume river and the brighter days return, the surrounding nature begin to bloom and all the colours of spring and summer returns. We go swimming in the river, pick blueberries and flowers, and forget what time it is when the sun stay up almost all night in june. In fall when the air begins to cool again and the birch trees turn to bright red, yellow and orange we sometimes go hiking in the mountains of Hemavan, Tärnaby or Saxnäs. Picking cloudberrys or chantarelles on the way down.



We enjoy living close to both nature and culture and being able to explore the wilderness of this landscape. We are always noticing the flora and wildlife and taking photograps of it all to remember and be inspired by in our design all year around.



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